The kitchen is the hub of your home

You may be wondering how much all this will cost. For that, you will have to consider that each kitchen is different in size, style, worktops and appliances. It is what makes it unique as it is customised to suit your needs and expectations. However, if you have a budget in mind it speeds up the process and avoids disappointment – For example £4000 or even £20000. Give us at Mayfield a call with your figure and based on this we will give you a free quote, choosing the correct furniture, worktops and appliances that match your budget. We keep this in mind when planning and designing your new kitchen. We create innovative, intelligent solutions that make your everyday life easier and your kitchen a pleasurable place to be

A large part of our work is also a specialist Fitting service – where our customer has purchased a kitchen already, and once delivered we will do the hard work of fitting the kitchen. This ensures a professional job and a flawless finish to include all the Plumbing (Inc Gas Work), electrics, Tiling, (Wall & Floor), Plastering, Minor building works. And the rubbish disposal on completion.

From the first contact, Peter will guide you through the process and discuss with you the various options.

Choosing and positioning wall/floor units.

The colour and style are personal matters but:

  • If you plan to move house in the next few years, it may be worth being a little conservative – the kitchen is a major selling point and an outlandish style may put off potential buyers.
  • Take into account the natural light of the room, you do not want the room to be too dark.
  • Remember that the kitchen is a working room, you may want to avoid pure white or other light, plain colours as they can easily discolour unevenly in a kitchen.
  • Although there are many different widths of units available, you do not need to use them all. Try to use one door/drawer width along a run with just one ‘odd’ size installed at one end of the run to fill the space
  • Try to keep the same style for all the units in a run – think carefully before you mix High Line and Drawer Line styles.
  • Try to keep the doors on wall units in a vertical line with the drawers/doors on base units.
  • Where wall units are mounted above floor level cupboards, have the doors opening the same way.
  • Do not fit wall units above or  immediately to the side of gas hobs/cookers.