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About Us

We believe that the kitchen is a shared place where the family gathers everyday for cooking, eating and socialising. The most satisfying kitchen is a functional family hub - the heart of the home. It's the place for everything from individual quick meals to social gatherings with family and friends. It's the place for sharing today's happenings and organising tomorrows. It's the place for coming together and being together. That's why we design kitchens with you in mind. If a kitchen is functional first and foremost - then your everyday life will be made easier.

We also offer advice of helping you plan and design the perfect bathroom and bedroom.

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Our kitchens are put to the test of everyday life. Mayfield kitchens not only come with great design, functionality and quality at the lowest price, but we also want to make your life easier when buying a kitchen. We offer a full installation service from flooring, construction, gas and electric.


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Telephone: 07817 059760 or 01243 821705